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May 10, 2007
Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz
Gottfried Helnwein Solo Show
Gottfried Helnwein's latest exhibition, "Face It", is the artist's first show in his native Austria since 1985. A retrospective of 40 works from the 1970s to the present, it is more shocking than the Royal Academy's infamous "Sensation" of 1997. Helnwein aims to disturb not with, say, an elephant-dung Madonna, as Chris Ofili did then, but with a far more controversial Virgin. Of all his paintings, the most disturbing is Epiphany (1996), for which he dips into our collective memory of Christianity's most famous birth. This Austrian Catholic Nativity scene has no magi bearing gifts. Madonna and child are encircled by five respectful Waffen SS officers palpably in awe of the idealised, kitsch-blonde Virgin. The Christ toddler, who stands on Mary's lap, stares defiantly out of the canvas. Helnwein's baby Jesus is Adolf Hitler. (Julia Pascal, New Statesman, UK, "Nazi Dreaming", April 10, 2006)
Der Standard, 9. 12. 2006
Anfang des Jahres war im Linzer Lentos eine große Helnwein-Retrospektive (die sich auf das Thema des menschlichen Gesichts konzentrierte) zu sehen. Der die Ausstellung begleitende Band Gottfried Helnwein. Face it (Euro 39,90) erschien, ergänzt mit vielen Bildern, Zeichnungen und den berühmten Marilyn-Manson-Fotos im Brandstätter Verlag. Für Helnwein-Aficionados!
Face it
"Face it", Gottfried Helnwein Solo Show at the Lentos Museum of Modern Art Linz
Face it - Gottfried Helnwein
225 Seiten
Verlag Christian Brandstätter, Wien, 2006
Deutsch, Englisch
ISBN-10: 3902510390
ISBN-13: 978-3902510396
Face it, Gottfried Helnwein solo show, Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz
2006, Gottfried Helnwein, solo show, Lentos Art Museum, Linz

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