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  • December 31, 2003
    replies on Reading on a Marilyn Manson web site and I saw how inspiring in a sense you were to him and I was curious.
    I think that your artwork is really creative. It is amazing how the human mind can interput things into such a wonderful way. I would love to hang this artwork in my own howm.
    December 28, 2003
    Not many people can see within the minds of others. Only those that can understand, deserve greatness. I hope for your sake that what you see will always be within your comfort zone.
    December 27, 2003
    from usa
    replies on pjbuchanan's web site
    hi! I love your artwork and you site. Thanks.. Thomas..
    December 27, 2003
    ann marie
    it would be nice to see ligitimate european art magazines acknowledge this work...i agree Helnwein has a language which is accessible to current youth culture which is refreshing because involving the audience intellectually is something which contemporary art neglects very often...not only that, they usually address matters which are of no interest to anyone but themselves
    December 27, 2003
    replies on free will
    a twisted delight to my senses
    December 26, 2003
    replies on vuena
    en el fondo te gustaria kojerte una nenita!!!!
    December 26, 2003
    Merci pour ce site qui regorge d'informations utiles. Le Webmaster de
    December 25, 2003
    replies on Referred by Caitlin Dahl
    I am the uncle of Caitlin and Melinda -- wehrt Euch! Ich bin sein Schutzer!
    December 18, 2003
    je crois que je n'ai jamais été autant secouée par des oeuvres comme les siennes merci donc pour cet instant de pure sensation merci de nous secouer un peu dans nos fauteuils !
    December 18, 2003
    hi, ich bin ein 15 jähriger junge aus deutschland....auch wenn viele leute sagen, ich solle mir solche art von kunst nicht ansehen(warum liegt wohl klar auf der hand!!!) gehe ich gerne immer wieder auf diese seite, denn psychoanalytisch betrachtet sind die bilder eine grosse bereicherung für die persönliche anschauung meines weltbildes. die bilder, wenn ich auch nicht alle gut finde, treffen zum grössten teil meinen geschmack, realisieren was ich nie zu zeichnen vermochte! ich male selbst, bin an meiner schule in einem kunstleistungskurs und steure mit meinem lehrer gemeinsam darauf hinaus, dass wir bilder im sinne und der ähnlichen art wie sie, herr helnwein, zeichnen können und sie an einem tag der offenen tür im schulhaus aushängen dürfen um die besucher des festes auf unvorbereitete art und weise die leute zu shockieren und zum excessiven nachdenken anregen! P.s.: kann man "the song" irgendwo erstehn? nein oder? mit gruss und einem herzlichen "weiter so!" Leonid Nonnengeseß
    December 16, 2003
    i love you guys
    December 16, 2003
    ms simone gad
    http://simone gad w3art
    los angeles, california
    replies on through arthur, who is a very dear friend
    please put me on your mailing list. i've been a great admirer of your work since 1990, when i showed with i.d.galerie in dusseldorf. i also make selfportraits, and pinup painting/collages and have shown in museums and galleries for over 35 years, including monique knowlton gallery-nyc, the fun gallery-nyc, limbo gallery-nyc, matthew marks-nyc, le musee d'art spontane-brussels-where i was born, robert bermand and the b-1 gallery, molly barnes gallery. will be doing solo shows for 2004 plus performance at crazyspace in santa monica-feb 04 and frank romero's lil frogtown gallery-april 04. am currently showing with bedlam arts in los you, my work also has a dark edge, having been a child of holocaust survivor parents, from poland. i so enjoyed coming to your loft on saturday evening, and seeing the show and more of your terrific work. please do put me on your mailing list. sincerely,simone gad
    December 15, 2003
    mugu pascal
    lome togo
    i love this site very intresting site
    December 14, 2003
    pas de nom
    très beau site
    December 8, 2003
    replies on
    Very well.
    December 7, 2003
    Bons Plans
    Site très agréable, nous le référençons sur notre moteur de recherche. Cordialement.
    December 6, 2003
    Linda Robinson
    Rio Rancho/New Mexico/ USA
    replies on from the Marilyn Manson web site and curiosity.
    Hello, This web site is by far one of the best sites I have been to. Helnwein's art is sophisticated and interesting. I do not enjoy art yet, but Helnwein has formed a new interest for me. I really like what his art gives off and also I love that him and Marilyn Manson are friends.
    December 5, 2003
    replies on FATE
    Hi Mr. Helnwein, I just wanted to say that I love your new 2003 works. I like, I walk alone (Amazing little Justitia) it's hunting. Merry Christmas, PJ Buchanan
    December 5, 2003
    Espoo Finalnd
    replies on MM's site
    wow, I like your works, really. Keep going!
    December 5, 2003
    Your work is at the core of my inspiration. I wish you the best of luck and I thank you for what your work has done for me.
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